Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Night

What a super fun (and very tiring) Halloween. This has to be one of my favorite times of the year. We began by going to Lisa Linton's house for soup and breadsticks. She had her house decorated so fun! When we came back to our house we loaded the kids in the wagon and began to trick or treat. Here is Calvin (dressed as black spiderman), Martin (as the pirate), and our new next door neighbor Ashton (who is also black spiderman, but wearing a venom mask). Before we left for South America Cal couldn't decide if he wanted to be black or red spiderman. We had to buy both because we were worried that they would be all out when we got home. Today he decided to be black spiderman.
Look at how cute these little spidey's are!
We met up with a bunch of people in the neighborhood trick or treating. Here is Crew and Titan. Crew is one of Cal's best friends and is in his same class at school. Titan is Crew's brother and is just one year younger. Look how cute they are!
Here are the boys in the wagon. We had been going for about 2 hours now. We were all tired and Martin was so sticky from candy!!!
We made it to Crew's house and took one last photo before heading to our home. Right before we got here we were able to pick up yummy dulce de leche hot chocolate (which is what they passed out to the parent's who were taking the kids out) and donuts from our friends house. Yummy!!! It sure hit the spot.
Well it was a fun Halloween. Here are some pictures of our house decorated. The fog machine was just turning on.

Now I get to begin decorating for Christmas!!!! Yeah!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween continued

Before I can even begin to blog our fun Halloween night I thought I would finish posting about all of the other fun Halloween activities we were able to do. The cool thing about living in Utah is there are a million of fun things to do with your kids! Even though we missed most of October because of being in Peru, we were still able to do some fun stuff. I must say that we live in one of the best neighborhoods in the world! Everyone is amazing and so much fun. We have a very close neighborhood. Every year we throw all sorts of parties for the neighborhood. Jen (pictured above with me) always throws the neighborhood Halloween party at her house. It was so much fun!
Here is a picture of Hayden and Reese. They tease me everyday about scrapbooking. They are my really good buddies, but this was about as much of a picture I could get of them! (they don't want me scrapbooking any of them!)
Here is Sue with the kids playing games. They had all sorts of activities from playing games, frosting cookies, making crafts, coloring halloween bags, etc. It was fun. Me, Cal and Martin had just come from another Halloween party frosting cookies at Kirsten Wilcox's house (which I forgot my camera) so needless to say we brought home a lot of cookies that day!
They also had a room just for the little ones to play in (2 and under). Here is my friend Elizabeth playing with Martin. He had a blast playing with all the kids. I think there are about 8 different kids just in our neighborhood that is Martin's age. Cal has more like 10 his age. Lots of kids- it's fun!
Here is Cal working on his craft. He was making a skeleton.
The next day me, Libby, and Jen took all of our kids to the Hee Haw Farms. It was kind of silly place, but we had fun anyways. We went through the corn maze and found these really cool slides. The kids had a blast!
Cal also got to ride this little go-cart around. He really liked it.
After playing at Hee Haw farms we took the kids to Thanksgiving Point and got lunch. Then we went to the candy store and everyone got to pick out one candy. We had a good time! I love this time of year. From Halloween to Christmas- it is fabulous. Can't it be like this all year long? No of course not- because there wouldn't ever be a time to diet!!!!!!
I'll download our Halloween pictures soon and post them! Hope everyone had a fabulous time trick or treating (or whatever you did!)