Monday, December 14, 2009

Some News but no photo yet

Sorry it has been a crazy few months. We still have not received a photo yet, however we did receive our acceptance letter from the Ministry of Rwanda. Our adoption agency (Children of All Nations) representative in Rwanda has it right now. She also said that on Monday January 4th, she should receive our photo and child's information. She is going to try and scan it for us and email it. If she does this then we could possible see her picture Monday or Tuesday. If not, she will mail it to our adoption agency. This could take a week for them to get it. We are just so excited to know that we are so close to receiving our information.

Right now we are in Thailand anxiously waiting to see a picture of our little girl. I will post any information as soon as I have it. Unfortunately I won't be able to post any pictures until they go to court for us in Rwanda. But I will give you as much information as I can. Aren't my boys cute? They are so excited to see their sister. Anytime I say their names they ask "Did you get a picture of our sister?" What an exciting New Year!!!

Sorry I have posted so many pictures. I have been so busy and have not been able to blog. And so much has happened with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is our family in Hawaii. We went to Hawaii with our kids, my parents and my siblings. My friends even joined us there. We went to the island of Kauia. I love it there! It is one of my favorite islands. We didn't do anything but just hang out on the beach!

Here is the entire family enjoying a dinner in Hawaii.

Thanksgiving on the beach! How fun! We ate our turkey dinner together as a family. It was beautiful and warm (not like the snow at home!)

Here is me with my friend (and next door neighbor) Dayna and my sister Lindsay. We were so lucky because Dayna and her son Ashton came with us on our trip to Hawaii. it was so much fun!

Josh with our boys.

This is the best babysitter we have found. The kids would stay in the holes for at least 20 minutes. They loved it and we loved it also he he!

The month of December flew by. We did a lot of fun stuff with the kids. We went to our church party and had yummy scones and Santa came.

Calvin is doing french immersian at school. This means that half of his day is spoken only in French and the other half in English. He was in a french play in school of Rudolf. It was so cute. He played a bear who liked magic. I didn't understand a word of the play but was so proud of him!

We did a lot of fun activities before Christmas. Here we are at breakfast with the Grinch and Santa. We also went on the Polar Express Train (really the Heber Creeper) and we also took Calvin to see the Nutcracker. It was a fun and busy December.

My entire family went to dinner for Christmas Eve. After we went back to my home. The kids got their jammies and opened a present.

Here is the tree at 5:30am. The kids were begging to go down. I always go down first to make sure that Santa came. I also took this picture before all chaos errupted.

Christmas morning is one of my favorite days of the year. Here are the boys just coming down. Martin immediately saw his bike and jumped on it. We had so much fun opening presents together. I was also excited this morning because I got a Kindle (which I really wanted) and Santa surprised us with snowboard racks for my car. This will be so helpful when we all go up and not get the back of our car messy!

Josh and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year. He has had a wedding ring for 10 years that is so basic and really scratched up. Here he is with his new ring I gave him. I think he didn't get much sleep last night. Actually neither of us did! Christmas Eve is a long night!

My parents came over to our home with my siblings to celebrate Christmas with us early. My parents got each other the same gift- The Kindle. We all knew and were laughing when they opened them the same time.

My mom and I got matching jackets.

This is a picture of Martin with my cousin's little girl Alissa. Isn't she so beautiful? She was adopted and it was completely finalized right before Christmas. It is always so fun to see her! It makes me even more excited to finalize my adoptions!

Martin had a lot of fun eating all the pies on Christmas at my mom's house. Especially the whip cream.
This was such a fun Christmas. It was just crazy because the day after Christmas we left for Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We are now in Thailand as I am trying to catch up on our blog. We are having an amazing time!
We'll keep you posted on our updates with our daughter. I am also going to post some pictures tomorrow of our trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We love you all!
Happy New Year!