Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Next Week

So today I got an email stating that next week they hope to send me a photo of my little daughter. My daughter. I held my breath for a while so that I wouldn't scream and wake my boys. I am so excited.
First though- Next week could mean 2 or 3 weeks later in African time but that is so much quicker than I ever expected. I had been waiting so long that I wasn't expecting a photo until January or February. Now that still could happen. But I felt so good to see that it could be as soon as next week.
The crazy thing is that we will be in Hawaii next week. Thank goodness for emails. I hope to be emailed a picture soon. What an awesome week that would be. Spending time on a beach in Hawaii with all of my family and being able to share a photo of our daughter.
Everyone keep us in your prayers. Especially our little daughter.