Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching up on Holidays!

Can you believe it? I am finally writing in my blog!!!!
Well the holidays came and went and they were fabulous!!!! Except for the fact that I got pnemonia!!! Christmas Eve was so much fun. We went to dinner with my family and then we went to my house and opened our traditional pj's!! Yeah!!! Martin wouldn't take off the Santa hat- he loves hats!!

Cal was putting on his pj's and I told him I could see his belly buttom- of course he had to hide it from me!
We were so lucky this year because Aunt Jessica (Josh's sister from Massachusetts) came and stayed with us during the holidays! Calvin loves to pinch her like a lobster- so I am sure that she went home with lots of little pinchy bruises! The kids just love her! She is such an amazing Aunt.
Here is our Christmas tree in the morning- and yes- Santa did come. I wondered if he would as I am sure Calvin did as well, but luckily for Calvin he showed up!!
Oh- the famous coming down the stairs scene! Christmas night Jessica and Rebecca (josh's other sister) spent the night. I am sure they have never woken up so early for Christmas since they were little! Actually we did luck out. Calvins slept in until 7:20 (this is a world record for him on any morning not just Christmas!)
Martin saw that Santa's deer had nibbled on the carrots- he decided to do the same thing. He ate all that was rest for breakfast!
Martin got this cute little scooter from Santa. He won't leave Cal's alone so we were glad Santa brought him one to play with. One less fight I need to worry about (LOL!)
Josh's other sister Rachel (who lives back East as well) did the most amazing thing for Christmas. She made both of the boys quilts. Aren't they beautiful? I was so excited because this is something they can cherish and use forever! They like to walk around the house with them and they also like to sleep with them. Aren't they beautiful!!!!

Here is Martin with his quilt and an apple that he got from his stocking. When I was cleaning up I found every single apple that was in every persons stocking covered in little tiny Martin bite marks.
Ah yes- here I am with my new board. I am also wearing my beautiful apron made by my sister-in-law Brittany Soucy . Isn't she amazing? I love this apron. I still haven't been able to go snowboarding yet because I have been sick and it is sad because I leave for Antartica next week for 3 weeks so I won't be able to go for another month. But I am excited to go with my next door neighbor Dayna. We want to take both of our boys! YIPPEE!!!!

Isn't he soooo cute? Spencer and Emily gave him this cute truck that makes noises. And no- you aren't supposed to ride it, but he thought he was very funny! Well my parents and brothers and sisters came to our house and we had breakfast and opened presents. We got a Wii and Guitar Hero, so needless to say a lot of the day was spent playing guitar hero. What a fabulous game that is!
Right after Christmas we had a little Christmas party with my cousins and Aunts and Uncles on my dad's side. Here is Martin with a bunch of his cousins. They all have such fun. He especially loves all of the older girls. He will just follow them around and they are so sweet to him.
Christmas is such fun. I love this time of the year. Even though I was so sick everything just seems happier and better and more fun during this time!
Well enough for today. I will try to update again before I leave for Antartica. Also, I should be able to update pictures of my journey as I go. We'll see!
Don't you just love holidays? So sad to see them go, but the good news is there is another holiday just around the corner!
Good night!