Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Parties

Happy Halloween!
So we have been doing one party after another! What a fun time! I love Halloween. Every year we have a traditional pumpkin carving party at our house. Here is some of the gang out in the garage decorating their pumpkins.
Look at how seriousy my two boys are! Can you tell who Calvin looks like?
And here is Martin- he is just happy to stick his hand in and get all goopy! He was having so much fun!
Belive it or not we got most of the kids together for a big picture of all their pumpkins. We just love our neighborhood! There are so many amazing kids in our neighborhood.
Then we had our ward trunk or treat. It was a blast. We decorated our trunk like a pirates treasure trunk. Josh did something so we could use our plugged in stuff. We had spider candle lights and a cauldron. And of course we had the skeleton flag. Martin and Cal had a blast. They got tons of candy. Cal was red spiderman for this party and maybe will be black spiderman for the next one. Do you like my neclace? Cal picked it out when we were in a tribal village in the Amazon Jungle. It is boar's teeth. And my earrings (they are covered with my hair) are Anaconda snake ribs. Who knew that I could get my Halloween costume accessories in the middle of the jungle!
We hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! I will post more pictures tomorrow of the rest of our Halloween parties as well as trick-or-treating tonight! YIPPEEEE!!!!

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