Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Panama Canal

Here are the boys at our first stop on the Panama Canal cruise in the Dominican Republic.

We were gone for 17 days and had a blast. We began in San Juan and spent a couple of nights there before boarding our cruise ship. The stops we visited were Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Huatulco Mexico, Acapulco Mexico, Cabo San Lucas Mexico and ended in San Francisco. And of course we went through the Panama Canal. It was a beautiful cruise and the kids had a blast! Here are just a few of the pictures from the trip.

Here is a nice church in Dominican Republic. There was a wedding going on inside while we were there.

This is the one of the forts in Cartagena, Colombia. They built these forts to keep out mainly pirates. The spanish kept a lot of their gold on the land- so many people were trying to get it.

The streets were very clean. The balconies were covered in flowers and were beautiful. I was very impressed how nice it was in Cartagena. I really want to go back and see more!

The ship had a lot of fun things to do, especially for the kids. But they mainly liked to swim in the kid pool with the waterslide and play golf with daddy.

These are the locks that we were just going through for the canal. They are very impressive. I read a great book about the Panama Canal called The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough. I can not believe how many lives it took to build this waterway. It is amazing!

Here we are eating lunch up on the top deck as we are going through the Panama Canal.

Here we are at the dock for Costa Rica.

Cabi is so beautiful. It has been a couple of years since we were last here. Everytime I go there I forget how beautiful it is.

We saw lots of seals. Martin loves to immitate them.

The kids were able to pet lizards.

This was our last night on the cruise. The kids will miss the different animals each night made out of towels and the chocolate on their pillows (or actually on Calvin's face for this picture!) We are always so sad to go home!


Jessi said...

I miss you!
Your boys are BEYOND darling!!!!!

The Campbells - said...

it's always so fun to hear about all your adventures! now that your home again, we really need to hang out. talk to you soon! ps Cole had so much fun at Calvins birthday party! He's still talking about it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You travel A LOT. I like to see new places but I hate the TRAVEL part of it. How do you stand it? It really caught me off guard to read your last line of this post. Always sad to go home? I'm just the opposite. Maybe my husband is slowly turning me into a home body. I have to really work myself up to a trip and then I can't wait to head home and for it to be all over. Maybe it's different when you travel outside the US??

Wow. So much travel -

Moxie (candice)

Sharing Life and Love said...

Hi...I saw your comment on another blog and just wanted to say Hi...your family is adorable. We just came home from China in May with our 2 year old daughter...just wanted to encourage you to look into the Waiting Children of China. They need families, like you, who are paper ready to bring them home so they do not have to wait longer!

CC*AA just announced that logged in families can switch their dossier to another agency if they locate a child they wish to adopt on another agency's waiting child list. Hopefully, your agency participates in the shared list, around 400 children waiting so far and 40-50 are added each month or so.

Whatever you do---I wish you and your family the best!