Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adoption Today Magazine

We are so excited as we have been spotlighted in the Adoption Today Magazine. This is a great magazine that has lots of amazing articles on adoption. You can find the magazine at

Well, for the month of October they were doing an article on Rwanda. They are trying to get it out there that Rwanda is a great option and hopefully more people will begin adopting from there.

A couple of months ago my adoption agency (Children of All Nations) asked me a bunch of questions regarding our adoption. I went ahead and answered them. They contacted me a few weeks later to ask if our family wouldn't mind being in the magazine as a spotlight. I said of course. They used my quotes in the magazine from the questions I had answered earlier. It is so fun for our family to see our picture in the magazine. My boys love it. They can't wait to have their little sister here.

As far as our adoption is concerned we are still waiting for the approval letter from the ministry in Rwanda. I am hoping that it comes by the end of the month (as that is when they said it should be here).

Our family is doing well. We just got back from a Mexican Riviera cruise. It was fun. I will try to post pictures later as I am having trouble with my pictures on the computer. Keep our little girl in your prayers.


Kim and Steve said...

How fun to be in a magazine. I will take a look! :)

KLTTX said...

Hello. CAN sent me your blog address as I am considering a Rwanda adoption. I'd love to hear about your experience with your agency. WOuld you recommend them for a Rwanda adoption (I know they are just starting out)? My e-mail is kelly at digitalpembroke dot com and I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.