Friday, September 18, 2009

Affordable Adoption

Alright- here is one of the biggest concerns for adoption- Can we afford it?
Well, there are many ways to help make adoptions affordable.
Here are just a few tips that I have found from myself or others thinking of adopting.

1. I think that if you decide to adopt that many times the sources will just appear to help you with your decision. Why would God (or the Universe) not want to help you out if you decide to help out with a child. For me personally I have found that God has been with me all along the way helping our family come up with the necessary funds for this adoption. If you have read the book "the secret" that is another way that you can get help. If you put it out into the Universe, the Universe will send it back to you.

2. Service or Charitable Contributions. There are many things that you can personally do to earn money. Below are just some ideas.
* Neighborhood Garage Sale: This is something that I did. I sent out fliers around my neighborhood explaining that we were collecting all unused items to sell in our garage sale. Many items were donated for this sale. We were able to raise a bunch of money to go towards the adoption and the orphanage.
* Bake Sale: I know of many people who have made cinnamon rolls or pizzas or other type of food items. You can either set up a stand in a place with lots of traffic and try to sell your items (we actually sold a ton of cookies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls at our garage sale) or you can actually go around your neighborhood and take orders for food items. I know of another family adopting that raised over $3,000 taking orders and making cinnamon rolls.
* Selling t-shirts: There is a great website called This company allows you to create a design for a shirt, or they can help you create one. After you have a shirt created you are able to sell and it keep all the profit. This is awesome. I am actually in the process of designing a shirt right now and will hopefully have it up and running soon.

3. Adoption Tax Credit: When you adopt you are able to have a tax credit. Although the amount might be changing you will still be able to have an adoption tax credit for that year. Right now the credit is $12,150.

4. Adoption Financial Aid: There are many different places who will help you financially afford the adoption. If you google international adoption financial assistance- you will be shown many different sites that you can assist you.

5. Employment: Many larger companies actually have plans that can assist with your adoption costs. The other option is to ask your employer if there is anything the company can do to assist with your costs.

6. Donations: Some people are not in the position to have another child, however financially they may be able to assist in helping you have your child. If you have a blog or myspace or anything like that you can actually set it up to receive donations. Sometimes just getting the knowledge out there that you are interested in adopting but need help, you will find that someone may volunteer to help you.

I am sure there are many other ways to pay for adoption. If anyone else has any tips please post them.
Adoption is a huge investment, but I know that it is all worth it in the end, especially when you are able to hold that child in your arms for the first time.


Jen said...

Hi Jamie- I would add that, at the moment at least, Rwanda is a country that is open to independant adoptions. our adoption expenses are going to be less than 3500$ (not including travel expenses) For people who are willing to take a more independant route this may be an option. We have a fabulous Christian mom who adopted her son from Rwanda that is walking about 6 families through this "road less traveled" and two of "Mugisha Ministry" families (us included) are awaiting referrals as we speak! Independant adoption may not be for every one but it is a blessing to us that Rwanda is open to it. God Bless everyone's journey through adoption, no matter which path they choose!

Jen said...

Hi Jamie- No problem! We're happy to share our "process" and paper chase too, and independent is certainly not for everyone but, knock on wood, it's going well so far! here's my email too- so we can "talk" more directly too! Take care- jen

Kim and Steve said...

What does it mean when u say independent adoption? Does that just mean that you don't go through an agency?

Kim and Steve said...

Also, what travel is required to adopt in Rwanda? We adopted our little girl through U.S., but still want a boy someday.

Kim and Steve said...

Thanks for the information. I think we will wait until Alissa is at least 2 years old before we adopt again. I do like to learn about as many options as I can since I don't think we can afford to adopt the same way again. But, hey, my beautiful girl is so worth it. :)