Monday, February 15, 2010

What's in a name?

Right now our paperwork has been signed and is with our lawyer in Rwanda. That means that we will soon have a court date and we will be able to post our daughter's photo as well as we can finally travel to Rwanda to pick her up. This really has been the longest 42 days of my life!!! I can't wait to go meet my baby girl.

So, I thought I would write about her name and why we chose it. Her current name at the orphanage is Lucie Uwimana. Although we love this name, the problem is that our last name is Soucy. And if you do not know how to pronounce Soucy, it is basically Lucie with an S at the beginning. So, Lucie Soucy does not work. We have decided to name our daughter... (drumroll please)...

Zoe Nicole Uwimana Soucy

First let's begin with Zoe. I love this name. It means Greek for life. I find that very fitting that her name means life because first I have always wanted a daughter and I feel such an honor to raise this little life from God. I also find it fitting because 1 out of every 5 children do not make it to their 5th birthday in Rwanda and the life expectancy in Africa is 35 years old. So, I feel that not only is she giving me the gift of life, but we are also giving her the gift of life. The other neat thing about her name is that one of my very best friends Trish and her mom both had dreams about Zoe the same night. As soon as they told me I knew that this would be her name.

Her second name is Nicole. This name is also very special to me. Last April when we decided to adopt from Africa we told my sister our plan. She was so excited she couldn't wait for us to adopt. I think that she was the most excited person in our entire family. She said she would do anything to be there with me. The next month my sister passed away. We decided that we could honor her life and give her name to Zoe. I know that Nicole is watching over Zoe right now and protecting her until we are able to get her. I love Nicole so much and am so grateful that I can give her name to my daughter.

Her third name is Uwimana. This is her African name. I feel that this is one of the only things that she will be bringing back with her from Rwanda. Most everything else we will be changing. So, I am grateful that we can keep her name for a second middle name. The other reason why I love this name so much is that it means "daughter of God". How fitting, because this is exactly how I feel about her. I only hope that I can do her justice in being a mother to this amazing child.

Her last name of course is Soucy. This came with the man that I agreed to marry almost 11 years ago. I am so blessed that he is with me and he also shares the vision I have of adoption and the children out there there that are waiting for us to bring them home.

I am hoping to post pictures of the nursery soon. Another of my best friends is painting a picture for our nursery. I hope it will be done this week. As soon as it is done I can hang it on the wall and post pictures of her room. It is my favorite room in the house. Very pink!!! I find myself just sitting in there all the time. I can't wait to go in there and find Zoe waiting for me.

One more thing. Because we are going to Rwanda soon, we are collecting items for donations. If you have anything that you would like to donate please contact me and I will tell what we are going to bring to the orphanage.

Have a splendid night!


Lori Printy said...

A beautiful name. I remember when you lost your sister you said then that you would honor her when it was time to name your daughter. You are a good sister.

I imagine Nicole beaming with pride...and I bet she's been Zoe's guardian angel all along.

Erin Carson said...


Greetings! What a beautiful name and wonderful story! I am most likely going to adopt in Rwanda through CAN. I would love some feedback on the agency if you don't mind. I'd REALLY appreciate it!

We also have a dossier in Nepal, but it has been a crazy experience. My blog is
and my email is

I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks a bunch!


Melissa said...

Kaylea from CAN directed me towards your blog - I get excited just reading your words! What an exciting time for you and your family. My husband and I are currently thinking about Rwanda adoption - it will be concurrent with our adoption from China. How has your experience been using CAN?

I hope you get to travel soon for Zoe Nicole.

Good Luck!