Monday, March 1, 2010

Court Date, Birthdays and Showers

We finally got a court date. YAY!!! Zoe will be officially ours on March 8th. I am so excited that is one week from today. After that day I can post pictures of her. So, even though her court date is on the 8th we have decided to depart for Rwanda on March 7th. We won't arrive until the evening of March 9th. We will then be able to pick her up on March 10th. The reason why I am pushing this is because she will turn 2 on March 10th. I want to be there for her on her birthday. I am so excited!!!! So, even though I can't show you pictures of Zoe yet, I thought I would show you pictures of her nursery. This is my new favorite room in my house. I had so much fun decorating it. We also got some new photos of Zoe this past weekend. All I can say is that she is beautiful!!! I look at her picture all day!
And of course I will be blogging the entire time we will be in Rwanda and Kenya picking up our daughter.

Here is Zoe's crib. I know I can't seem to get enough of pink. The funny thing is that I have never been into pink. When I was a child I was and always have been a tomboy. I don't know what is happening to me, but I am really into pink. So, it's ok that her room is painted pink and her crib is even pink. I love it!!!

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate. I take rustic stars and paint them and cover them with scrapbook paper and ribbon. I have huge ones on my door for every holiday (my Easter ones are out right now) and smaller ones around my house. The Z above her crib is of course for Zoe. The crown I found at Rod Works. It isn't supposed to hang, but I had Josh drill a hole through it and into the wall. I then drapped thin white fabric around the crib. I also found the other 2 crown hooks at rod works. I have loved decorating this room!!!!

I got this dress form from Pottery barn. However, it was black and it didn't go in her room. I painted it white, threw on some neclaces and added a tutu with some flowers and ribbon. I don't know why- but this is one of my favorite things in her room. I guess because it is so girlie. I also put a mini dress form and tutu on her bedstand. After having only boys, I am really excited for girlie stuff!!

Here is Martin hanging out in Zoe's room. Josh did the beadboard in her room. I love it!!! The fairies on the top shelf in the corner belong to my sister Nicole (who Zoe is named after).

This will be Zoe's first doll. I will be bringing this doll with me and give it to her on her birthday. It comes with a little backpack for her to carry her doll and it is already filled with doll clothes, bottles, etc. Perfect for a little girl. Isn't it so sweet (I got it at American Girl). Also the cradle the doll is in was mine when I was little. However, I painted it green (the same color as the beadboard in her room), sanded it down and stained it. I'm so excited to pass this on to my daughter.

Here is Zoe's dollhouse. It is so cute and already filled with furniture and dolls that represent all of our family. Although Martin is amazed with this dollhouse and is constantly telling me where his doll will spend the day.

Martin just turned 4 and we had a superhero birthday party for him. We had so many kids come to Martin's birthday party that we did a bunch of the activities outside in our heated garage. They shot bad guys, made superhero masks and beat the batman pinata. We had so much fun! Everyone dressed up as their favorite superhero. Martin was Batman. Some of the girls came dressed as their favorite princess as they can still beat bad guys (as seen in Shrek).

All the little super hero's gathered around our kitchen table ready to scarf down the cupcakes. We had so much fun. I love our neighborhood as there are so many young families and tons of kids. We had 14 kids show up for Martin's birthday party and believe it or not some couldn't even come. It is a blast! And everyone is within walking distance of each other. If you can see out the windows there was a huge snowstrom going on during the party, but luckily no one had far to drive and we were all safe and warm inside fighting bad guys.

Martin eating his yummy super hero cupcakes

I still can't believe that Martin is 4!! How did that happen. Here we are as a family. We celebrated Sunday night with my parents and siblings. We had a lot of fun. Josh made a yummy meal and the boys got to wrestle with Uncle John. This was a perfect evening for the boys!! This will be our last family celebration without Zoe. I'm really looking forward to Easter. Even though she won't understand why she is looking for eggs and why I want her to sit on a big Easter Bunny's lap, we will all be together!

My friends did a Zoe celebration shower for me. We first went out to dinner with all the girls. Here we are at the Blue Lemon. It is such a yummy restaurant. We had a good time and I still can't believe we all fit together one one table!!! I have such good and wonderful friends! They have been cheering me on this entire time we have been trying to bring Zoe home.

Look at my kitchen!!! Isn't it amazing. I had to cut out part of it as it had a picture of Zoe and I can't post it yet. But this is what my friends did for me!!! So cute! After dinner we came back to my house as some of the girls were going to help me make my baby announcements (or actually toddler announcements) for Zoe. It was such a huge help. Now I only need to add a couple things before I can send them out!

I got to open presents for Zoe and got the cutest stuff. Lots of really cute outfits and hair bows. And I even got some mini girlie fingernail polish. I love it!!! So much girlie stuff is wonderful!!

Here are the adventurous ones who stuck around at my house to help me make Zoe's baby announcements.

Here are two of my best friends Jen and Trish. They are the ones who did the baby shower for me. This is their silliest face since it was finally almost over. Of course they are going to kill me for posting this!!!

So soon and we will be in Rwanda. I can't believe it. I will be able to post pictures of Zoe next monday (yay!!!) and then I will keep you updated on our trip. Please keep us in your prayers that everything will run smoothly for us and that Zoe will be able to do ok leaving the orphanage and coming home with us.

We are so grateful for all of your support, love and prayers that have been sent our way. We are so lucky to have amazing friends and family!!

By the way, if anyone is interested in sending money donations please let me know. Since there is only 2 of us we can only take so much luggage to Rwanda, without it costing too much. We are still bringing items such as formula, cloth diapers, and clothing to the orphanage, however we would like to buy a lot of items while we are there. We would like to do a truck load of food as well as more formula and other items they might need. If you would like to add anything please let me know.


Stephdeezy said...

Jamie! How exciting! I've loved following along on your blog through the whole process. My prayers are with you. Travel safe and can't wait to see her pretty face! The nursery looks amazing by the way! SO cute! Love and miss you! Stephanie Anderson

Allie said...

Amazing! I'm so excited for you! You're almost there - and she's almost in your arms. Congratulations :):):)

Meredith said...

Jamie, What a beautiful room! I hope you have an amazing memorable trip to pick up little Zoe. What a blessing you are to her and she to you! I hope finding my blanket instructions will get you going and if you are anything like me, you will be up all night before you leave looking for more projects to finish because sleeping before a trip like this is so hard to do! Take care!!
Meredith @ Tuesdsays with Molly (Molly is my sister.)

Lori Printy said...

Oh Jamie it sounds so familiar...we left early for KZ because we wanted to have Nina for her second birthday too. We got her a day and a half before she turned 2 and that birthday meant the world to me.

The room is beautiful but I can't wait to see Zoe in it. Safe travels, best wishes and huge congratulations on your newest (longest awaited) addition!!!!!

Jessica Call said...

Her room is so so cute!!! I am so excited for you guys. Hope everything goes well.

Anonymous said...


Regan said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have not read that book but would love to. I know you are crazy busy packing (SO excited for you!) but wanted to ask you one quick thing before you left. Would you email me at

Can't wait to see Zoe!

Erin Carson said...

Good luck Jamie! I look forward to all of your stories you are going to create while there... So exciting!

We are still waiting on Nepal before we send in our stuff to CAN, but my husband are thinking a third child (if Nepal works out!) from Rwanda!

Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to hear more...
Erin Carson

Chase and Laura Bowers said...

Jamie, SO excited that you have a court date!! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet girl :) Praying that all goes well with your travel.

KristyP said...

Thank you for your comment and encouragement on our blog. We had such a fast approval 2.5 months that this almost 4 month wait for the referral has been sooo hard! (Especially since it has been at the Ministry since January!) 6.5 total months since our dossier got there! I am glad you commented on my blog so that I can now follow your wonderful, exciting journey! Congratulations!