Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Saw What I Saw

15 years ago a plane went down in Rwanda carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana. The Hutu people immediately claimed that the RPF shot the plane down. This began the most devestating 100 days on earth as neighbors killed neighbors and family killed family. 1,000,000 million dead in 100 days.

I saw this video a while ago when the anniversary of the genocide happened (in April), however for some reason I found it again. I feel very touched as my daughter is in Rwanda right now. Her birth mother very well could have witnessed this destruction. It might be this past destruction that caused her to give up her child that will soon be in our family. I am so grateful and feel such sadness for this strong birth mother. I am so grateful for these strong Rwandan people. I am so grateful for my daughter who has no idea that she will soon be with her family. Tonight our family will say an extra special prayer to bless all of those in Rwanda. I ask that you all do the same.

Please watch this amazing video of the people of Rwanda. Maybe you can understand how beautiful the people are and why we can't wait to bring one of these children home.

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Allie said...

Nice to meet you! It's been amazing to find so many Rwanda families online and start connecting with them. It's exciting that you're doing China and Rwanda both. I know exactly what you mean about feeling so connected to the history and genocide in Rwanda. Our daughters will one day have to come to grips with it, and with how it changed their country, their birth families' lives, and their lives as well.

Glad to be walking this journey with you!