Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Year Log in Date- There is always a plan!

When you do an adoption from China the moment your paperwork is in China you receive a log in date. Well, my log in date was September 12, 2007. This means that for 2 years my paperwork has been waiting in China. I must say that up until last May this had been very difficult for me becuase I felt like I had a daughter out there that was never coming to our family. However, last May that all changed.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because Heavenly Father always has a plan. When we were filling out our paperwork for China it took us a long time as were always out of country with my company. So basically it took us over a year to get it all finished. If we were able to finish it earlier we would not be waiting so long. But the wait is actually good.

There are so many people who are adopting from China and that is awesome. But it is also causing a huge waiting time as China only allows so many kids out of the country each month. However, for me that is good.

The reason why I am saying this is Heavenly Father knew that I needed to pick up a little girl from Rwanda. He knew that if I did not need to wait I would not be in tune to His plan. I would do China and who knows if I would do anything more. However, I was slow with the process and I got behind many others who were also adopting from China. And here I am sitting at my computer knowing that my paperwork is in Rwanda and in a few months I will have a daughter. My paperwork is also in China and I know in a couple of years I will have another daughter. I am glad that I had to wait for China. I know it will still happen and I am still very excited to get her but it is this waiting time that is allowing me to have two daughters instead of one.


Mark said...

Hi Jamie,

I found your blog because I have a google alert for Catherine Larson's (my wife) book. I just wanted to say I thinks it's beautiful that you and your husband are adopting a little girl from Rwanda. It looks as though you are pretty far along in the process, but just in case it helps you might want to check out The organization is Shaohannah's Hope and was founded by Steven Curtis Chapman. Catherine and I worked in the same building as them when they were based in Northern Virginia. Anyways, ask for Nick Lyndon if you reach out to them and let him know I sent ya!

Thanks and God bless,
Mark Larson

Mark said...

Can't believe I wrote "I thinks it's beautiful..." :-)

Spell check didn't catch the erroneous "s"

Vincents said...

hi jamie
the widget on our blog is from chipin... i think its but if you go to the info link on our widget you should be able to navigate to the main site and set one up... its really easy... just need a paypal email address. lemme know if you get stumped.

my4andnomore said...

Hi Jamie,
I wish you the best for both of your adoptions. I sure wish I were able to do a concurrent adoption while waiting for our China girl. But God knows everything and i must wait on him. Lots of luck. Amber

Jen said...

We thought about doing what you guys are doing but in reverse order- we already (praise God!) have approval for our Rwanda adoption, and are anxoiusly waiting. But we're thinking about applying to adopt a child from China now since the process is so long. Most agencies won't allow that though. What agency are you using? God bless on both your daughter's adoptions! Jen

Lori Printy said...

Jamie I feel exactly the same way. I didn't always but then I didn't understand the plan then. Now I know the reason we waited (and continue too) was that I had another daughter in Kazakhstan who needed me first.

BTW I love the new picture on the blog header-beautiful family.