Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Me & Jen's B-Day

Me & Jen Gale (my friend & neighbor) both had a b-day on Monday. We got together with all our amazing girlfriends and had a fun girls night out! We went downtown to the Gateway and ate dinner at the DODO. We had yummy dinners and even blew out candles. We also got picked up a couple of times by guys. What a great laugh we had!
The picture below shows everyone-(starting from the left) Shannon, Rebecca, me, Sue, Monica, Hailey, Libby, Jen, Marci, Jen, and Lisa. What a fun crew! Everyone lives in my neighborhood (all within about 2 miles from my house) except Rebecca who is Josh's sister. But of course she had to come because it was my birthday and she knows most of the girls anyways! I love where we live! Such fun and amazing women.

On Sunday night (the night before) Josh put together a barbecue with my family and a few friends. It was a lot of fun. We had yummy chicken & steak skewers with a great salad that Rebecca made, grilled pineapple and of course Josh's chocolate cake. It was a really fun night.
Calvin dressed up just for me in his Batman outfit!
My good friend from Korea (who is now a United States citizen) Mikyung came with her little girl Haylie. Martin just loves her!!
All in all it has been a great couple of days! Thanks for everyone who helped me celebrate and thank you for all the happy birthday emails and phone calls! Love to you all!!!

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brittany said...

oh, my gosh, I didn't even read this post yet, but I was just thinking about you because I had this crazy dream last night and you were in it and I felt so horrible because I had missed your birthday and you felt like I didn't love you. Then I come here and realize that I did indeed miss your birthday. Crap! Jamie, I love you! Don't hate me forever, Happy Belated Birthday!!

okay, now I'll go read the post and I'll call you today.