Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Safari Party

Calvin turned 4 years old in May, however since I was in Egypt, we decided to throw him a party on Tuesday. It was a blast! At first everyone came to the door and we had passport control. Heather and Lindsay were at the door and they gave each child their passport (& stamped it with an elephant stamp), safari hat, binoculars, malaria pills (smarties), and a neclace and bracelet from South Africa that the Zulu tribe made. Here is Lindsay at passport control.Then each child got their picture taken. These were put into the passports near the end. Here is Martin for his passport. Every thing the kids did for the party got them a different animal stamp in their passport. My friend Megan Wilcox made an amazing snake cake. Isn't this too cute? It was perfect for Calvin and all his friends!
We played a bunch of games in the backyard. We all got different animals and then they pretended to be those animals. We also played animal bingo. We continued playing until everyone won. They all got wooden carved animals from South Africa. Then the highlight of the party. Reptile Rescue came. They brought a bunch of lizards, snakes, turtles, etc. It was awesome!
Here is Me, Martin, and Heather petting a komodo dragon.
This is my mom holding a snake for Calvin to pet.
Here is me, Calvin and one of his really good buddies Crew holding an albino Bull snake.
This is me and Calvin with an albino python. I had to hold the head for most everyone and then I would wrap the tail around the kids or adults.
Here we are with a ball snake.We then went inside and opened presents, then blew out the candles for Cal's cake. It was really yummy! The last thing we did was under our deck were a bunch of bags hanging that were made to look like coconuts. We had the kids go down and we had a coconut drop. It was really fun. Inside the bag were little snakes, a big wooden snake, squishy frogs, and all sorts of candy that dealt with bugs, snakes, etc. It was fun!
Here is my little explorer (this was his passport photo). I was so proud of him. He was one of the few kids who touched or held every reptile that was brought out. What a fun day. How will I top this birthday for next year?!? Any ideas?

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Auntie Jess said...

Wow - looks like so much fun... and so much preparation. I hope someday Cal is able to see just how cool and amazing his mom is!
love, Jessica
PS - Hope Grammie Bagley doesn't faint when she sees these pictures!