Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spiderman vs. Batman

The imaginations of children are amazing. I love everything that Calvin says to me. I am also excited because he loves to play with his brother Martin. He tells me that he is glad that he finally plays. I am glad too. I think their favorite game is for Calvin to run (with or without capes) and Martin chases him. This brings a lot of laughter (& lots of Martin squeals) to our home.

Here is the latest Calvinism.

(in a funny voice Calvin says) "This walk is very long. I don't want to walk anymore."

(then in a regular voice Calvin says) "Hey did you hear what my legs just told you?"

This to me is a perfect example of Calvin. Boy do I love that kid!


brittany said...

oh, man Jamie. First, the header is perfection. So unbelievably beautiful. You're definately going to have to let me borrow that book, because you've just inspired me.

second, this story is so classic. this is why I love kids.

third, that picture belongs in a frame. or in a magazine.:)


Jessica S said...

Calvinisms... with talking legs - I love it! This made me laugh out loud. Great picture too!

The Kelly Family said...

I agree with everyone else, the pictures are such treasures! I think your boys are the cutest! I love seeing tiny Martin trying to keep up with Cal. I also appreciate the fact that every time I drop over to your house Calvin is in some super hero costume. What a busy stage of life filled with such great joy!