Monday, July 9, 2007

The Barbecue

We just had a bunch of our neighbors come over for a really fun barbecue. We had 12 adults and 12 kids. It was perfect!! Everyone brought yummy food and we hung outside and played. We had barbecued skewers, strawberry salad, pasta salad, Brazilian lemonaide (which is my new favorite drink!- I'l post the recipe later), ribs and many other yummy foods. Here is Kevin fixing the skewers! Titan and Martin just love each other. They both get excited to hang out. Titan was nice to share his drink with Martin.
All the kids brought their food into the clubhouse and packed themselves in there.
Brandon, Josh, and Kevin and the other guys finally made it outside when the sun began to set and it started to cool down!
Josh brought out a bunch of sparklers and the kids had a lot of un. They especially loved the giant sparklers!! Ryan, Crew, and Titan are playing with sparklers
Here is the marshmellow lady- Jen. Josh got a fire going and we made smores for desert!
Here is Andrew and his son Ethan. Don't you just love his red hair?
Here's everyone making smores!
Here are the girls- Jen, me, Sue, Lisa, Monica, and Marci. They are such a fun group to hang out with!! And it is great having kids near the same ages!
The entire time of the barbecue Calvin was searching for slugs (YUCK!!!) Here he is with a baby slug on his thumb in between Bella and Crew.
After the barbecue we went in the front yard and lit a few fireworks out on the street. The kids were very excited!
I can't wait to have another barbecue!! Now it really feels like summer!

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