Monday, July 30, 2007

Dinosaur Days

One thing I love about Utah are all the many fun family activity places to visit. We have season passes to the Hogle Zoo, the Aquarium, Thanksgiving Point (which has a farm with animals they can pet, amazing gardens to play in including a childrens garden area, and of course the Dinosaur museum. Calvin wants to go there at least once a week. So, let's just say it was a great investment. The only problem is he wants us to buy him a dinosaur before he leaves. So basically I always leave with him kicking and screaming. But it still is worth it for the couple hours leading up to that point!
Here are Cal and Martin playing with the dinosaurs. They have tons of hands on stuff for kids. This area is filled with books and toys for them to play with.
Look how cute. You can put these on and wear them through the museum. Cal rarely wants to wear his- mainly because there isn't a t-rex one and Martin usually ends up tripping on his face if he wears it too long. So he only wears it at the beginning.
And of course in Utah there are fireworks every single weekend in the month of July. There are fireworks on the fourth, fireworks on the 24th for Pioneer Day when the pioneers made it to the Utah Valley. And each city has its own fireworks and celebration. Here we are at Draper Days. We went with Jayla and Cody Campbell. Which by the way they have a new product called Oh Snap Bands. They are really cool bracelets. They have just started and have one called Stand United right now. More are on the way. Check out their website and everyone should get one. If you know any young people pass it on. We are so excited for them. Anyways- I can't wait for the skulls and flames!!! Anyways we had a lot of fun at Draper Days. They had wicked good fireworks and we ate lots of junk!
Look at how sweet my boy is. He normally goes to bed at 6:30. This picture was taken around 9:30pm. He was still awake and still happy. I just love him!!!
We also had a fun night on Saturday this week. Christy & Ben Tomlinson and their six kids came and stayed at our house. We had a blast. Here is a quick photo of some of their kids and my two early in the morning watching Disney Channel. They have such a fun family! Calvin keeps asking where they are and when they are coming back. He really enjoyed having so many kids around!
Well, that's about it. I will post more soon, because I have some pics of Rebecca's b-day. What a fabulous week!


heidi larsen said...

jamie~your boys are beautiful! it sounds you have had a fun summer so far!

Sue said...

Jamie- Sorry, I'm tagging you! Check out my blog for the details.

heidi larsen said...

jamie~ i hope you are doing okay! when are we going to scrapbook? AND i saw your name on lisa bearnson't kit of the month club. are you a designer for her? you must be! cool!