Sunday, July 8, 2007

Park City Fun

For July 3rd we all went up to my cousins house in Park City. We had a great time. This is me and Wendy. I am so glad that she moved here because she is so much fun to be with and she has an amazing and fun family!! She also has a little boy Eli who is Cal's same age. They had a fun firework show. We had a great barbecue over at their house so we got to the fireworks late. We decided to just hang out in the parking lot and watch them. It worked out great because we were right near the fireworks and we didn't have to wait long to get out of the parking lot!
Calvin and Martin both loved the fireworks they had a blast. However it was really loud for Calvin's ears. We had to hold the blankets up around his ears and then he was happy!
The next morning we all met at Wendy's again. My parents came as well as Spencer and Emily. We had a really fun day. Here is Martin getting ready to eat.
Wendy's mom (my Aunt Cheri) brought over some fabulous purses that we all bought. It was fun doing some shopping for purses right at home!
This is a fun activity for families. We went to the Alpine Slide area and visited the chocolate factory. We got some caramel apples. The one to get is apple pie. It is really delicious!!!
Park City has a new ride that opened last year. It is called the Alpine Coaster. It is a lot of fun! I would say it is one of the most fun rides I have ever done! We loved it. Calvin rode with me and he wanted to go very fast. The only problem is it is really expensive. For one ride it is $17. But it is actually worth it. However for only $5 more you can also do the alpine slide. So, if you are up for a spendy night this is a lot of fun!
Here is Josh going down. It was really fun!
Here is all of us after doing the Alpine Coaster.
Of course we hit the Alpine Slide as well.We drove home very tired from the busy days we had just had. It was a really fun day. I think we might have to go to Park City again next year for the 3rd and the 4th of July.

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