Friday, July 20, 2007

Camping at Downata

What a fun weekend we just had. We just went to Downata Hot Springs in Downey Idaho. If you are wondering how to say that it is down at a hot springs. Pretty clever huh? Me, Josh and the boys finally went camping. Can you believe it? We haven't been in four years partly because we have had little ones (which is really hard to camp with) and the fact that I really love beds!!! We went with our friends Ben & Christy Tomlinson and their 6 kids. Can you believe she has had 6 kids?!! I can't. Here is me and Christy. She is such an awesome woman and a mother. I really look up to her!
Here is Cal with 3 of her boys. They are so cute. Cal had a blast hanging out with so many kids. So did Martin. He was the baby of the group so it was everyone's job to make sure he didn't fall into the fire.
Here is Martin at breakfast. It is his goal to stick whatever I give to him in his mouth in one shot. If I give him 3 crackers all 3 go into his mouth. If I give him a whole pancake the entire pancake goes into his mouth! As you can see below.
At Downata they have different places you can stay in. We rented a teepee. This was really fun, the only problem was no air conditioning. It got pretty hot during the day. We have learned that next time we need to get a yurt or a cabin that has air conditioning. Or we need to go during a different time except for July. Cal and Martin loved the teepee. It was great, except for the middle of the night when Cal wouldn't go to sleep because he wanted his own bed.
Right next to the teepee was a fence and lots of horses. We fed the horses apples. They were very nice. Martin would hang out near the fence and watch the horses.
All in all it was a great outing. Although I still think that we need to wait at least 1 more year for Martin to really be old enough to go camping. It was fun. Can't wait for our next adventure. It is nice to have an adventure in the states for a change!


heidi larsen said...

hi jamie~ i was just wondering if you went to alta? you look familiar to me. i read christy tomlinson's blog and have seen pictures of you there a few times.

brittany said...

hey, looks fun. Cute pictures. I had no idea christy has 6 kids. i'm impressed with anyone who has 6 kids, because, well, there would be SIX of them.

by the way, you're tagged. You'll have to stop by my blog for the rules...


marta said...

this little one is beautiful. such cute pics. nice to land upon such a sweet blog!