Friday, March 26, 2010

Stuck in Kenya

Well, we spent hours emailing and phoning everyone we knew. Claire from Children of All Nations spent about 9 hours alone for us advocating for us to come home and such a bummer, because they still will not give us our visa. They tell us here we could be here as long as 2 weeks before we can leave Kenya.

I'm so tired right now as I didn't sleep much last night and I have a headache from today. I am not going to post much today. I found out some information that I'll pass along later to help the next people who are coming.

The good news is that Zoe is bonding really well and is so happy and does really well. However I can tell that even she is getting tired of hotel rooms and waiting in buildings for paperwork to be done. But she is very lovable. She gives me kisses and hugs all day long. I am so lucky to be her momma!!

Will you please keep my two boys at home in your prayers? They are having a difficult time without us being around and I just feel awful being here without them. I know they are being taking care of by my parents, but I know that they miss their mommy and daddy.

If anyone who is adopting from Rwanda is interested in finding out more information about what we are dealing with here, please post your email. I can then send you an email when I get home giving you some further details I wish I knew before we got here.


Peg said...

Please call your Congress reps and Senators. Talk to a staffer who deals with international adoptions. Tell her/him the problem. They'll probably ask that you email them. Do it. They will call the Embassy, ask questions and offer to open a "Congressional Investigation." That usually gets the Embassy personnel moving in the right direction.

Before any person anywhere goes overseas to pick up their IA children, notify your reps and senators before you go. Make friends with the staffers who deal with this stuff. Have their contact info. If you run into any problems, call the staffers. They'll give you the "right words to say" so that you can cut through the BS.

They may not be able to solve anything immediately, but I bet it will be sooner than 2 weeks.

Many blessings to you. Zoe is gorgeous.

Melanie said...

I have enjoyed reading about your adventure! I am so excited to meet little Zoe, she is absolutely adorable! I am happy to help with the boys anywhere I can. Please let me know if you need any help.

Melanie Kenyon

Kim and Steve said...

I wish you the very best. I know it must be frustrating, but at least you have your beautiful daughter that you have waited so many years for. She is gorgeous.

Kyle said...

Oh Jamie! How awful! My heart is going out to you guys. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be away from the boys that long. I pray that you can return home ASAP.